Articles - Interior

Installation Sony Multimedia Head Unit at Volvo S80

Upgrade Original Head Unit to Sony Multimedia Player with Custom-Made Player Casing at Volvo S80

Installation Kenwood Multimedia Head Unit at Toyota Vios 2015

Customer is satisfied with Kenwood Flagship Product DDX916WS to be installed in his Toyota Vios.

Upgrade Head Unit & Sound System at Porsche Carrera S

Car owner has opted Rainbow products series for sound system upgrade.

Apply Sound Proof on Proton Saga Interior

STP iSilver Antirust Sound Proof & Vibration Solution is applied on Door, Roof, Floor, Rear Bonnet.

Luxury OEM Premium Curtain Installation on Ford Transit

6 sets of Luxury OEM Premium Curtain Installation on Ford Transit

Apply Sound Proof on Car Door Panel

Apply sound proof on door panel to absorb vibration from doors, reduce noise & directly improve car audio system performance.

Apply Sound Proof on Car Firewall & Spare Tyre Area

Apply sound proof on firewall & spare tyre area to reduce engine noise & vibration conducted into car cabin

Vehicle Brake Pedal Lock - Imported / Local Assembled

Level up your car security! Lock that installed at foot brake area to prevent brake pedal from being depressed, so that thief unable put into gear.

Luxury OEM Premium Curtain Installation on Mercedes Benz Vito

This customer found us that he has been looking for OEM Car Curtain for his Mercedes Benz Vito in Malaysia for a long time.