• "AMRATE" tracer blend are formulated from highly refined petroleum base oil with UV fluorescent additive and R12 refrigerant
  • It will perform maximum rectification and detection on any leakage of the air-cond system
  • It also acts as a refrigerant and provides lubrication and anti-corrosion for better wear and tear protection so that the compressor runs cool and efficiently in all weather conditions

Using Method:

  • Add a tin to the "LOW" pressure intake valve ad run the run system for about 10 minutes to obtain maximum circulation and test with the UV light for any leakage
  • When leakage occurs, a bright glow will be indicated under UV light inspection


  • Fluorescent Additive
  • Petroleum Base Oil  : 40 gms
  • R12 gas                 : 70 gms
  • NET WEIGHT         : 110gms


  • Using of this additive need to have specific air cond hose and professional advice
  • Prefer SELF-COLLECTION. Strongly advisable to bring your car here for professional advice and air cond service
  • Kindly specify the appointment time if opt for installation in our outlet

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Automotive Air Cond R12 Oil with Leak Detection

  • Product Code: Air Cond R12 Oil with Fluorescent Leak Detection Additive
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