• DrArtex Earth Gold HD upgraded with anti-corrosion properties to ensure that chassis does not rust.
  • It is very flexible adhesive, to apply on complex surfaces tightly.
  • Reduce heat transmission from engine.
  • Absorb vibration from car doors.
  • Reduce noise from car roof / floor.
  • Directly improve car audio system performance.


  • Multi-layered vibration damping material with aluminum foil outer surface, polymer layer on butyl rubber base and a self-adhesive glue layer.
  • Water resistant material and is resistant to the influence of the environment; has corrosion-preventing and sealing properties.
  • No Unpleasant Smell.
  • Non-Flammable & High Bonding Strength tested under harsh temperature cycle.
  • Thickness : 2.6mm ±0.2.
  • Mass : 1m² at 4.1kg.
  • Non Toxic.
  • Made in Russia.

Application on:

  • Could be easily mounted to complex surface. It does not need to be heated while being mounted.
  • Application area have to be kept clean & dry.
  • Recommended application area : Doors, Roof, Floor, Rear Trunk, Bonnet, Wheel Arch, Firewall.


  • Sold in sheets. Dimension per sheet : 75cm X 50cm (4 sqft).
  • One car door required 1 - 2 sheets.
  • Contact us at 016-6188613 for bulk purchase.
  • Professional installation in our workshop is available with varied charges.
  • Kindly specify the appointment time if opt for installation in our workshop.

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DrArtex Earth Gold HD Sound Proof & Vibration Damping Solution (4 sqft)

  • Brand: OEM
  • Product Code: DrArtex Earth Gold HD Sound Proof & Vibration Damping
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  • RM 128.00

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