Vehicle Brake Pedal Lock - Imported / Local Assembled

Product Features:

  • Harden steel construction & Conceal Installation
  • Prevent brake pedal from being depressed, thief unable put into gear
  • Start switch cutting system immobilizer
  • Original starter switch socket
  • Not affect the steering column
  • 3 year warranty
  • Customize to every car model

Vehicle-Brake-Pedal-Lock Vehicle-Brake-Pedal-Lock

Vehicle-Brake-Pedal-Lock Vehicle-Brake-Pedal-Lock

Vehicle-Brake-Pedal-Lock Vehicle-Brake-Pedal-Lock Vehicle-Brake-Pedal-Lock 

Proton-Preve Proton-Preve

Vehicle-Brake-Pedal-Lock Vehicle-Brake-Pedal-Lock Nissan-Almera-Vehicle-Brake-Pedal-Lock

Honda-City-Vehicle-Brake-Pedal-Lock Perodua-Alza-Vehicle-Brake-Pedal-Lock Toyota-Camry-Vehicle-Brake-Pedal-Lock

Toyota-Corolla-Altis-Vehicle-Brake-Pedal-Lock Toyota-Corolla-Altis-Vehicle-Brake-Pedal-Lock

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