Peugeot 308 (Turbo) Full Air Cond Service

Stage 1: Dismantling the Dash Board & Taking Out the Cooling Coil Unit drool.gif 
user posted image

Stage 2: Dismantling the old Cooling Coil Unit flex.gif & Replace with a New Cooling Coil & Expansion Valve
user posted image user posted image

Stage 3: Assembling back the Cooling Coil Unit & Dash Board rclxms.gif 
user posted image user posted image

Final Stage: Handsome Dash Board is back!~ rclxms.gif 
user posted image

~ Cabin coldness is back to life. Enjoy! whistling.gif ~

Extra Remarks:

When replacing cooling coil, expansion valve must be replaced as well, otherwise it will affect the perfomance of new cooling coil.

Peugeot 308 (Year 2008) Air Cond Cooling Coil / Evaporator

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