• Carbon sticker applied on car roof top
  • Front bonnet is prepared for applying carbon sticker
  • Spray shampoo liquid on the bonnet
  • Remove excessive stains with sandpaper
  • Stains are exfoliated
  • Prepare carbon sticker & spray shampoo liquid on it
  • Place carbon sticker on the bonnet and adjust its position properly
  • Push the shampoo & bubbles out by using squeegee & hard card
  • Heat up the edges & pull lightly the sticker in order to fit on the surface
  • Job accomplished! Carbon sticker can be applied on car bonnet & roof
  • Small demo of applying carbon sticker on mobile phone rear cover

Apply carbon fiber sticker

Slides show above shows how we apply carbon fiber sticker on a car roof top & bonnet.

As per individually request, carbon fiber sticker also could be applied on other car surfaces, such as dashboard trims, handles, plastics cover, spoiler, hood, etc.

CONTACT US to get further details.

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