This material is a vibration liquid damper which could be easily applied on wheel arches, and also provides good defense against damage by corrosion and gravel. Does not contain solvents to avoid any harmful impact.

Application Area:

Car External floor & wheel arches.

How to Apply:

1. Before applying the mastic is thoroughly mixed, if necessary diluted with water in an amount of not more than 5%. 

2. Mastic is applied on metal surfaces cleaned by cloth from dirt, dust and grease.

3. Mastic is applied by brush or air spray gun in three layers with intermediate drying of each layer not less than 30 minutes. 

4. Mastic drying is carried out under the temperature 20 °С to 25 °С during 24 hours, or under temperature 55 °С to 65 °С from 3 - 4 hours. Total cover thickness not less than 2.0 mm.


Name Of Index Value

Testing Method

Covering Density, Kg/m³ 1550 GOST 267
Shock Resistant at -30°C Absence Of Cracks And Exfoliation Of Surface From Metallic Plate 4.5 TS 2241
Corrosion Resistant Corrosion Absence On Metallic Plate 4.6 TS 2241
Mechanical Loss Factor At A Frequency Of 200Hz, Arbitrary Unit, Min 0.12 ISO 6721-3



  • One wheel arch is required to apply at least 3 layers.
  • Professional installation in our outlet is available with varied charges
  • Kindly specify the appointment time if opt for installation in our outlet

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STP Waterbase Mastic Wheel Arch Sound Proof

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