• Functionality: Sealant Soundproof
  • Application areas: Doors
  • Packaging: Box - 20M
  • Weight: 0.48Kg


This simple product solves a number of minor issues by sealing the area around the doors

  • Prevents air leakage to maintain integrity of the air-conditioning.
  • Prevents dust from being sucked into the car.
  • Prevents whistling noises caused by air leakage around the door.
  • Improves the door shutting sound, making it sound softer.
  • Prevents airbone noise from entering the saloon


Used for additional insulation of standard car rubber door seals.

Very simple to use:-

  1. Remove door seal
  2. Take steel wire (or plastic cord).Lubricate the cord with soap or shampoo and passed it through internal hollow of the door seal with the following rubber card's pulling.
  3. If the cord is passed through solid (not detachable) seal, it is recommended to begin passing through ventilation openings in the seal.In absence thereof you need to make a little incision (till 10mm) along the seal.It is more efficiently to stretch the cord out sequentially through the found (or made) openings with the pitch of 50cm.
  4. After the cord's stretching out in circle, to make pull out for the cord through inlet and then to give the cord's beginning and end together and to hide place of the gluing into the seal.
  5. Places of openings at the door seal must be glued after the cord's stretching out.


  • 20m per box
  • Professional installation in our outlet is available with varied charges
  • Kindly specify the appointment time if opt for installation in our outlet

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Dr Artex STP RedWind Door Sealer Stripe

  • Product Code: Dr Artex STP RedWind Door Sealer
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